Straight Shot is a podcast where we discuss how marketing impacts everyday life. Marketing is everywhere. It surrounds your life - from what you eat to what you wear and where you go. It is a vital part of any and all business. The show discusses the world of marketing and business as it influences everyday life, with the staff of Atlanta marketing agency, Reformation Productions and guests as they give it to us straight.


The show features observations, tips, advice, and lessons learned in the world of business communications. It is intended to be an understanding and learning tool for business professionals as they communicate their companies in the marketplace.



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The Straight Shot audience consists of:

• Business Owners

• C-level Executives (CEOs, CMOs, COOs, etc.)

• Marketing Executives

• Business Managers and Directors

• Marketing Industry Professionals

• Entrepreneurs

• Business and Marketing Students

• Podcasters




B. Zachary Bennett

As the principal behind Reformation Productions, a full service marketing agency located in metro Atlanta, GA, Mr. Bennett comes with a 20+ year career in the marketing and advertising industries. In addition to his duties at the agency, he is an author, keynote speaker, business coach, and outsourced / interim CMO at multiple corporations in Atlanta.


Jennifer Bennett

As Art Director at Reformation Productions, Jennifer has 10+ years of experience in business communications creative including concepting, graphic design, voice-over work, video, and photography. In her experience, she has also worked in Radio, Theater, Comedy, and Film.





There are several sponsorship opportunities available where businesses can utilize the show to help reach their target audience. If you are a B2B company or have a similar audience to the show, I'm sure our viewers and listeners would welcome hearing about your business as you support our show's production.


Standard Opportunities

The most basic opportunities to promote your business and support the show include:

• Sponsor Listings @ $75/mo

• Podcast Advertising @ $250/mo


Custom Opportunities

There are also custom opportunities to promote your business and support the show which may include:

• Multiple Ad Spots

• Reads

• Studio Décor

• Giveaways

• Takeovers

• On-location Broadcasts

• Featured Guests


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What can you do to individually support the podcast?

There are some simple activities that you can do that will really help out the show. With the way media algorithms work, the following activities really help us:

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Financial Contribution

We are set up on Patreon.com/StraightShot to accept monthly donations of any amount to our show production. There are different levels of support that each provide give-back gifts as a way of saying Thank You for your support. If you'd like to have some Straight Shot merchandise, this is how to get it!





Active Participation

You can always reach out to us with your ideas, topic suggestions, and questions that we can use on the show.


You can also be a guest on the podcast. We prefer in-studio guests but will book telephone and video call guests as well.



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